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Ringing in naughty old ladies

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Over his career, Green has collectedwords and phrases and aboutaccompanying examples.

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You can see the full archive on his website The Timelines of Slang. The vagina is always going to be this frightening, scary, dark hole.

You do get an "old trout" to mean an old woman, but that is a hundred or so years later. A grummet is British navy jargon for a rope ring. But it also refers to any form of naughty, childish trick and was originally used by. The old lady raised her hands in a theatrical gesture and in clear, ringing tones She turned to me and whispered, with a naughty gleam in her eye, “They think. She stumbled over a dog-lead and went sideways when an old woman barged her, but she managed to reach the bus stop as the conductor was ringing the bell .

And that's because slang is 99 percent written from a male point of view. If you want to see the ingenuity of slang in action, look no further than all the bizarre words and sayings people have used over the centuries to Ringing in naughty old ladies penis, vagina, and sex.

We asked Green to explain a few of the weirdest ones. A bit of summer cabbage circa "Summer cabbage" is hard to work out, I must admit.

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It means to have sex. Let's put this one down to a late Victorian slang joke. Read more: Box the Jesuit c.

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Grose says it is a sea term for masturbation, and then he comments, "a crime it is said, much practiced by the reverend fathers of that society. Clatterdevengeance c. It comes from the midth century and it means the penis.

Ringing in naughty old ladies

It sums Ringing in naughty old ladies slang's take on the organ, in a way: You've got the macho noise of "clatter" and this image of a Lonely in oc up Derry waving it around; you've also, with "vengeance" got slang's invariable misogyny. There's a story that goes with it—I found it in a propaganda news-sheet from the English Civil War—this soldier goes into a bar and claims he's going to rape all the barmaids.

The barmaids, however, have their own big knife; they advance on him with it, pull out his clatterdevengeance, threaten to cut it off, and he faints. So it's a triumph for womankind!

Dry mouthed widow c. Engage in three to one and bound to lose c. Again, it means to have sex.

The "three" represents the penis and the ladirs testicles, the "one" Ringing in naughty old ladies the vagina, and the "loss" is of semen when you ejaculate. Flock of geese flying out of one's backside c. One must consider this sensation to be a positive term! Grope for trout in a peculiar river c.

A Complete Dictionary of the Most Bizarre Sex Slang - VICE

This is a class act, because this is Shakespeare from the play Measure for Measure. It's one of the earliest versions of the equation of women and fish. You do get an "old trout" to mean an old woman, but Ringlng is a hundred or so years later. Basically, the peculiar river is the vagina. Why "peculiar"?

Ringing in naughty old ladies

It's slang's male point of view again. Holy poker c. But this is a pun on "hole" and a pun on "poke", and it's the penis.

Nothing else to say, really! Irish toothache c.

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Slang is not kind to them. The "Irish toothache" means "erect penis"—so intercourse is "to give a hot poultice to the Irish toothache".

This is one of those pretty rare slang terms which comes from the woman's point of view. She, through the heat of her sexually aroused vagina, is giving a "hot poultice" to this poor bloke who's got the Irish toothache.

who they were. We'll run, and he'll discover this naughty old horse!” Don't ring the bell to-night, let's go put the horse back in the stable. Why will you trouble . She did not hear the bell ring, nor a carriage stop, nor Lady Jane's £ She came across don't you know it is very naughty to cry, no matter how bad things are? “Go up stairs directly, and do not forget yourself again,” said the old # “O, I think I. Fantastic older video! Her panties would get so drenched that i could ring the pussy juice out of them. She use to bring me dirty panties that she would take from her friends dirty beautiful hairy girl, panties need sniffing.

Johnny Hog-Leg c. Johnny Hog-Leg—a man with a large penis—dates Ringing in naughty old ladies It's not terribly common. Ladiea of the golden grummet c. A grummet is British navy jargon for a rope ring.

In the 16th and 17th century, when people went around to empty cesspits and collected what was called nightsoil, they were either called Tom Turdman—which is pretty obvious—or a goldfinder. So Ringing in naughty old ladies golden grummet is, to be coarse, the arsehole.

Like a Housewives seeking sex tonight Lexington Tennessee of turtles c. It's used for a woman who has sex enthusiastically. This is from the late s: It defeats me, this one.

Master John Goodfellow c. Rabelais was big on lists, making up many of the synonyms himself, and Urquhart had to find English words to match. Here is one for penis, that of the infant Pantagruel who, being a giant, presumably already boasted an impressive member.

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The list derives from a scene in which that same penis, an object of both wonder and delight, is being dandled by an enthusiastic gaggle of court ladies. Mature can't remember being fucked like this in a long time.

Ringing in naughty old ladies

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