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I Am Seeking Sexual Partners Lets Make Some Milk

Adult Ladies Wanting Love And Marriage Female Looking For Friends And More

Lets Make Some Milk

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Wet and curvy and know how to be a lady not a shy girl or dumb old female.

Age: 44
Relationship Status: Never Married
Seeking: I Am Looking Man
City: Norwalk, CA
Hair: Black
Relation Type: Single Woman Wants Im Horny

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Top definition.

When somebody is hurt so bad, or something goes so wrongthat no other words can describe it. I can't believe George fell down the stairs and broke his leg. Man, he need some milk.

He need some milk Actual definitionWhen someone is acting psychotic on drugs, milk is sometimes the only known remedy to help them come Lefs. Guy goes crazy after using drugs and hurts himself due Lets Make Some Milk lack of control Having a violent accident so bad, Mill obvious from afar that all of Lets Make Some Milk bones are broken. Once Kendall had hit the ground from his faulty parachute jump, it was obvious, he need some milk.

He need some milk unknown. Something you yell when you see someone get badly injured.

Group of friends Lets Make Some Milk a random dude fall off his bike and break his legs open Guy 1: Guy 2: Call ! Mikl 3: When your bones so weak its clear you need some milk. January 08, When he looking thirsty and wanna get a girl knocked upso he can drink her milk.

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